In this section are forms utilized by Sabrecat’s parents, coaches, managers and players for various reasons. These forms are necessary evils that keep our executive in order. Some may feel that these are a pain to fill out, however the executive and the organization suffers a greater pain organizing without this documentation.

Player Release Form

Lacrosse in Calgary is a boundary sport. Sabrecats current boundaries are southwest designated addresses, including Springbank. However, some players move addresses after playing most of their youth with another club. Some players play other sports within other club boundaries (school). These release forms are brought to the Sabrecat board for review. The board reviews the ramifications of each release and makes a decision on the release request at monthly meetings (Jan-Mar). The release form must be sent to the President 7 days before the board meetings so all executive can review. The release is then sent to the the self governing body (CDLA) for other club concerns and signatures. These releases usually set precedents and are reviewed thoroughly. Upon written approval, the player is released from the Sabrecats to other clubs. The Sabrecats may initiate a release due to low enrollment on any particular age group. These are yearly releases only.

In the Rules and Regulations view the policy on Page 9. The release form is included within the CDLA Rules and Regulations on Page 17.

Player Release Form

Player Exemption Form

Each year some players are exempt from playing in there “natural” birth age division. Common reasons are height and weight compared to the players peer group. Some are for convenience (two kids in two seperate divisons, one year apart). The process of this form is that the parent fills it out and sends it to the President of the Sabrecats. The Sabrecat president will present it to the self governing committee (CDLA) before the season starts and teams are formed (early March). Other clubs within the CDLA have the opportunity to object to this application. The Sabrecats upon written notification from the CDLA will notify the parent of the decision on the exemption. The Sabrecats will perform due diligence on all applications. This exemptions are only one year exemptions.

Player Exemption Form

Coaching Application Form

ALL coaches must have an application with the Sabrecats. Sabrecat coaching applications are good for 3 years. Every 3 years, Sabrecats ask that you submit a renewal. The ideal process is to submit the coaching application simultaneously when registering and indicating that you are intereresting in coaching lacrosse. Submit the application to the Sabrecat president, who will forward a list of all the age appropriate coaching names to the VP/coordinators. The coordinators only select head coaches (or bring it to a committee of Pres/VP/Coordinator/Exec). Assistant coaches are chosen by the head coach. The head coach will provide names of his coaching staff and submit/confirm his staffing applications/certifications etc. Sabrecats perform “sample” police checks each year.

2020 Sabrecats Coaching Application

Waiver (Special Event) Form

Sabrecats hold special camps for registered and non registered players. Such an event would be “BRING A FRIEND TO LACROSSE” or a “XMAS CAMP FOR GIRLS LACROSSE. Players not registered in the previous season are required to fill out the form and present it to the coordinator or the registrar before “STEPPING FOOT ON THE FLOOR”. This waiver protects the Sabrecats from liability of non insured persons as well as the player. As a parent/signor you have the right to be explained all dangers of the particular event (are they scrimmaging or completely skills). Alberta lacrosse insures all previous registered players. This form is only valid for the event and strictly enforced.

Waiver (Special Event) Form



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