2024 Season Volunteer Information


Welcome to the 2024 lacrosse season!  

We have made some changes with regards to the volunteer process - for this season we will be utilizing “Signup.com” to track all volunteer hours and for those who do not complete the required hours (minimum 2 hours for U7 and U9; minimum 4 hours for U11 thru U17) the fee of $200 will be charged at the end of the season. There will also be the option of choosing to pay the $200 fee at the time of registration if you decide to opt out of volunteering.

Please refer to the Policies and Procedures Manual for end of season charges information (Resources, Manuals, Polices/Procedures Manual).  To ensure volunteer hours are logged, all participants will be required to sign up through the Signup.com links forwarded and will be checked in upon completion of the volunteer shift(s).  Please watch your email and check the website throughout the season for the signup links to various positions.

 An example of eligible roles to avoid paying the non-volunteer fee are noted below.  If a role is not specified under the list of VOLUNTEER ROLES it must be approved by the Director of Volunteers to be covered by the volunteer bond program. 

Please refer to the Policies and Procedures Manual (Resources, Manuals, Policies and Procedures Manual) for any additional information required or email volunteer@sabrecatslax.com


  • Board Member
  • Age Group Coordinator
  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager
  • Team Treasurer
  • Jersey Parents (1 family for home jerseys, 1 family for away jerseys)
  • Evaluation Assistant (check-in desk, pinnie distribution, etc.)
  • Roughnecks 50/50 Seller
  • Photo Day Coordinator
  • Photo Day Volunteer
  • Timberfest Memorial Tournament Planning Committee
  • Timberfest Memorial Tournament General Volunteer
  • Equipment and Jersey Pick-up/Return Assistants
  • Financial Auditor
  • Miscellaneous/On-Demand Roles (must be approved by Director of Volunteers)
  • 2023 Casino Volunteer

Team related duties (such as timekeeper, shot clock, scorekeeper, penalty box) ARE EXCLUDED from the volunteer bond process and it is expected that the Team Manager will administer these duties.  


(Responsibilities are noted but are not limited to items specified)

 The board has 12-14 meetings between October and mid-July.  Duties for particular roles are listed below.  Overall, the board is a group of parents that wish to improve lacrosse for the betterment of theirs and future children.  Please consider any of the below positions:



  • Coordinating and overseeing the efforts and day-to-day operations of the club
  • Preparing agendas for committee or annual general meetings
  • Representing the club at meetings of the CDLA (Calgary District Lacrosse Association), the CDLA’s Minor Box Council and the ALA (Alberta Lacrosse Association)
  • Acting as a primary contact for club information

Vice Presidents Minor and Major (ELECTED BIENNIALLY)

  • Providing advice the President and the Board
  • Assuming the duties of the President in the event the President cannot complete his/her duties
  • Taking on other roles and responsibilities as required (2 Vice Presidents)


  • Manages club banking, deposits and cheques
  • Balancing of bank accounts
  • Paying invoices and bills in a timely manner
  • Reconciling online receipts to bank records
  • Collecting mail from the Association mail box in coordination with the Secretary 


  • Taking minutes of each Board meeting
  • Typing and Distributing club minutes to Board members in a timely manner
  • Maintaining a master file of all club agendas, minutes for annual filing with club lawyer
  • Collecting mail from mail boxes in coordination with the Treasurer
  • Book meeting rooms for monthly Board meetings or other meetings for the conduct of club business
  • Filing master list of Board of Directors with the ALA (Alberta Lacrosse Association) each season


Director of Evaluations

  • Coordination of floor time (booking and scheduling of evaluation times)
  • Coordination of Evaluation Committee/Evaluators
  • Data input/auditing for all age groups
  • Overseeing all age group evaluations
  • Creation of teams within each age group (in Coordination with other Board Members)

Director of Discipline

  • Providing advice to the Board on discipline decisions affecting players, coaches or parents
  • Representing the club on disciplinary committees of the CDLA as required

Director of Volunteers

  • Coordination of volunteers for various roles (including but not limited to):
  • Roughnecks 50/50
  • Evaluation assistants (Check-in, pinnie distribution, etc)
  • Sabrecats Try-it Days
  • Timberfest Memorial Tournament (in coordination with the Axemen Lacrosse Association)
  • Team Photo Days (in Coordination with Lead Photo Day Organizer)
  • Casino (in coordination with the Lead Casino Organizer)
  • Equipment and jersey pick-up and return
  • Miscellaneous volunteer roles as required (must be approved by the Director of Volunteers)
  • Coordination of all volunteer hours and the $200 non-volunteer bond charges owed (in coordination with the Registrar) 

Director of Development

  • Set-up/implementation of coaching development clinics, training sessions, etc (in Coordination with Technical Director)
  • Set-up/implementation of player development clinics, training sessions, etc (in coordination with Technical Director)
  • Work with new coaches at practices to aid in development of practice plans, drills, etc (in Coordination with Technical Director)

Director of Equipment

  • Overseeing management of club equipment and jerseys including storage, repairs, distribution and season end collection
  • Providing the Board with annual inventories of equipment (condition, quantity) with recommendations for new equipment
  • Purchases, budgets etc - will work with the Treasurer to ensure accurate information
  • Working with the Board to ensure that new equipment is fairly and appropriately distributed to all levels of players
  • Managing equipment deposits 

Director of Coaching

  • Overseeing all coaching applications, ensuring they are completed as required
  • Creation of coaching staff for all teams in all age groups (in coordination with Division Coordinators)
  • End of season coaching survey - send out and compile information for review with the Board
  • Ensuring all coaches certified/in the process of being certified in order to coach/be allowed on the bench

Additional Director Positions (email president@sabrecatslax.com for information on these positions)

  • Director of Legal
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Goaltending
  • Director at Large - SFC (South Fish Creek) Liaison
  • Director of Social Media


AGE GROUP COORDINATORS (first point of contact between families and Executive Director)


  • Oversee evaluations in your age division
  • Director of Evaluation will send out information on the process
  • Meeting will take place with the evaluation committee to go over the process and what is required (volunteers, etc.)
  • Oversee drafting of teams in your division
  • Will work with the evaluation committee to go over the process and what is required
  • Ensure coaches attend the coaches meeting to review processes, season information and address any concerns (work with Director of Coaching)


  • Providing primary contact for information to coaches (e.g. available tournaments, clinics, fundraising, etc.)
  • Providing coaches with a list of all club coaches (contact info) in their division
  • Overseeing proper implementation of player call-up procedures (please discuss with higher and lower division coordinators to organize and ensure procedure is communicated to coaches)
  • Ensure team photos taken care of (work with Photo Day Coordinator)
  • Ensure that game results in your division reported promptly
  • Attend the Managers meeting


  • Remind coaches and goalies of equipment/jersey drop-off day (In coordination with Director of Volunteers)
  • Ensure coaches complete the post-season player evaluations and that they are forwarded for the evaluation committee.  These are the basis of the first evaluation day for the next season (In Coordination with the Executive Director)
  • Collecting any other information (in coordination with the Director of Coaches) in their division as part of the annual association planning


  • Refer to the Team Managers Manual (Resources, Coach and Manager Information, Managers Manual) for full information on this role





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